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Coleman outfitter 550 Tail Light Shorts

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Coleman outfitter 550.  Tail light shorts.   This is the 3rd LEFT tail light assembly i have purchase from EBAY.  Units FAIL and short out so the UTV will not start or run.   Shorts our F8 fuse everytime.   DO NOT BUY from Ebay and they do not replay a defective part

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  • Alex changed the title to Coleman outfitter 550 Tail Light Shorts

I would suspect a bad connection in one of the wiring connectors causing a high resistance and making your amps go up. This seems to be a pretty common problem with these machines. Although I can’t pinpoint which one it may be but I have had that kind of problem before and I finally removed the problem wire from the connector and wires it direct. If you check your connectors, you might find one or more of the blades dark or oxidized which is a tell tale sign of high resistance. Don’t get discouraged, these machines will do a pretty good job of running if you don’t mind fixing the problems they have in the wiring. It’s  just not as quality as the name brands. Hope this is helpful. 

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    • By mcraigchr
      Howdy all,
      I searched the forum (and the internet in general) for this and didn't find anything that looked like an answer.
      I purchased a Coleman 550 from Tractor Supply last October.  Runs well.  Really only one issue that I have had and that is a dragging brake pad.  Still haven't fixed it, but hope to soon.
      For now, it is time for the first oil change (38 hours).  After some reading, I decided to use Mobil 1 4T 10w-40.  I also purchased a filter from motorcyledoctor.com.  Got the filter and noticed that there is a hex head on the end.  I thought "Hey that's nifty, but I wonder why they did that?".  Then I went to change the oil and I know why now.  Which brings me to my question.
      How in the hell is one supposed to get that oil filter off?  First off, it is not obvious how to take the seat base out to get leverage.  I thought about cutting out the plastic above where the filter is.  But decided against it for now.  I tried my best to work within the tiny space given to get the filter out.  I have a number of different filter wrenches.  Only one is able to fit over the filter.  But ... I could not get the filter to break loose.
      So, I ordered a strap wrench from Amazon.  
      In case that doesn't work, I also ordered this:
      My intention with the latter is that if the strap wrench does not work, I will punch a hole or two into the side of the second product.  Put it over the end of the filter, put two screws into it and hope I can break it loose.
      Anyone else experience this incredibly difficult task?  I have always worked on my own vehicles and have had some difficult circumstances, but I always prevailed.  Not this time.  The Coleman 550 b*tch slapped me this weekend and is pointing and laughing at me.
      Any suggestions or recommendations would be great.  If nothing else, just some content on the subject so that someone else who might be having the same issue can find this and get some ideas.
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    • By cliffyk
      View File Outfitter-UT400-ShiftCable Adjustment
      I got this from Coleman, detailed instruction re: shift cable adjustment...
      I forgot to mention you will need two 22 mm wrenches for the cable lock nuts. I hacked up a couple of cheap "quality tools for less" combination wrenches using a cut-off wheel in an angle grinder:

      Kind of like "flare nut wrenches", good for light duty like this.

      Submitter cliffyk Submitted 03/19/2021 Category Coleman  
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    • By Dabadoo
      So I have a new(ish) 2020 Coleman outfitter 550. It came from TSC with 10hrs and needed some work. After changing the choke solenoid, spark plug, fuel injector and battery, it ran great!  However after a hard rain storm, I went out to start it and the dash lit up as normal but there was nothing from the engine. I heard what I think was the starter click but nothing after that. I ordered a new starter just in case, but does anyone have any other idea of what it could be?  I assume something that should not have gotten wet, got wet but I have no clue as to what. I also checked the fuses, and nothing blew. 
    • By RDD
      Have a 2019 Coleman Outfitter 550.  only 30 hrs on it.    Just quit running.  Found the F8 fuse blown.  Replaced and blew again.  Traced ALL wires and found nothing.  Replaced all  relays and fuse so it starts up but hit the brake pedal and it blows the fuse again and will not start.   Retraced the wires and found nothing damaged.   Any Ideas?   Coleman is NO HELP at all
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