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  1. I would check electrical connectors on it. The Chinese are not known for doing a good job on their electrical wiring.
  2. I would suspect a bad connection in one of the wiring connectors causing a high resistance and making your amps go up. This seems to be a pretty common problem with these machines. Although I can’t pinpoint which one it may be but I have had that kind of problem before and I finally removed the problem wire from the connector and wires it direct. If you check your connectors, you might find one or more of the blades dark or oxidized which is a tell tale sign of high resistance. Don’t get discouraged, these machines will do a pretty good job of running if you don’t mind fixing the problems they
  3. There is a wiring harness connector down low on the passenger side. This is what caused mine to not get fire. One of the connectors in that connector was oxidized and not making contact. I cleaned it up and it worked for a couple of weeks. I then cut the wires and connected them outside the connector. 2014 coleman 500

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