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Massimo Tboss 410 feels like the brakes are stuck when taking off


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Hi I have a t boss 410 is about a year old with 150 MI and it feels like the brakes are stuck when you take off but in neutral it rolls perfectly I also have a t boss 550 that does not do this so was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if it is common with this machine also on the 410 have had the stator motor and voltage regulator replace once already and think it is bad again not sure if this would have anything to do with the other issue any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

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  • Alex changed the title to Massimo Tboss 410 feels like the brakes are stuck when taking off
16 hours ago, Steven78 said:


Sorry to be asking so many questions but information is so hard to find on these have you had any problems with yours this one only has a hundred fifty miles on it and they have been very gentle miles all in town on flat ground. The stator was also bad when the voltage regulator was changed and already doing the same thing again 

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Fortunately I have not had any issues, except for a faulty starter solenoid. It took a while to track that down, but once I replaced that, it's been fine. I don't have many miles on it, though. Do you have a manual for it? There's a free download of a manual here on this site if you need it. 

If yours is the same as mine, you have the digital display. If you toggle through the options using the button on the right side of the display, you can see what the voltage output is while it's running. Mine has never been higher than 15V, and that's usually right after I start it. After that it's in the 14's. Obviously something is wrong somewhere if it keeps burning up voltage regulators. I would check any grounds I could find, and clean them and coat them with some dielectric grease. 

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