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R light keeps blinking, Hisun 500 Big Buck

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I acquired an older HISUN BIG BUCK 500 that hasn't run in years.  Little elbow grease and she's running.  I have a few more parts to switch out but when revving the engine over 4K the r light starts blinking.  After googling and seeing other people I replaced the rev limit switch under the air box and found the same issue.  I traced the green and white stripe wire back to the computer module and found no breaks in the wire and cleaned the connectors.  Still same issue.  I then cut the wire right at the plug and grounded it directly to the battery.  I can now rev over 4k rpm however the light still blinks and when in reverse the light no longer lights up.  Anyone else run into this?  Can R light blinking mean something else.....HELP, what am i missing?????

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Reverse sensor is bad .. my 2021 TBoss did the same thing when I had a hot wire go to ground. In my case, it fried my ECU as well. I put a new ECU in and it runs fine, but still shows reverse all the time on the display. I may disconnect the wire like you did..

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1. So at this point, i changed the reverse rev limit switch,  didn't fix anything.

2.  found the reverse limit switch wire at the ecu and sent it to ground to checking the wires. 

3.  Replaced the gear position sensor on the side of the transmission.

Still getting the r light blinking in forward  once i go over about 4k rpms. 

Do you guys think the ecu is bad ? what should i do next. 

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