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driveshaft carrier bearing greesing

Guest Lenny

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Guest Lenny

I just lubed my drive shaft carrier bearing. It was nearly all but impossible to get at. Finally after unbolting the bearing so I could slide it from side to side, I took out the stock greese fitting, which is on the top side torwards the front, and replaced it with a 1/4" tube fiting which uses a 1/8" pipe thread. This pipe thread is close enough to the stock fitting so the start of it threads can be ground down to form a taper so the threaded hole can be found when trying to screw it in. The rest of the threads were ground down about 1/3 the depth of the threads. Getting to the fitting placement is tough but doable. When finally started an open end wrench can bearly be manulipulated to get it tight. I then pushed on a peice of the 1/4" tubing and secured it with a ferrel and ferrel nut. The tube was about 8" long. At the other end I screwed in a greese fitting that had a 1/4 - 28 thread. If the tubing is lightly heated and a tapered object is used to lightly flair the end, you can get the greese fitting to tightly thread into it. Now the fittiong hangs down where I can easily get at it. Greesing from now on will be much easier.


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