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Greetings from the mountains of Tennessee


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Retired last February to the Roan Mountain TN area. 

Elevation 4000 feet.

Coldest ever (1982 I think, -30F), deepest snow I've personally measured with a yardstick was 30 inches.

Put a deposit down on a Mule SX a couple of weeks ago. Will I ever see one? The dealer said he's getting one in this month

and one in next month. Didn't know color and I told him color didn't matter.

Intended use. We live in a 'gated' community. Our house is a mile from the nearest country road. The county does a stellar job in scraping/chatting/salting the road, but from our house to the gate

we're on our own.  It does snow here. We've had 2 big ones so far and this time of year it never melts before the next snow piles on top. But snow is rarely the problem. It is ice. It warms up and the

snow melts/refreezes at night. Several of us drive in and out compressing the snow into ice. It compounds itself until the gravel road is just flat out slick.

The wife is still working and it is my job to get here from the house to the gate where we leave her Subaru. I shuttle here to the gate and pick her up in the evening via a 4Runner with studded Cooper Snow Claws.

But a couple of times the ice was so thick and wide across the road I didn't even risk the 4Runner. There are 3 climbs on the 1 mile from the house and that means downhills each with a gnarly turn.

So I was thinking a Mule SX plus U-Grip Pattern Diamond chains on all four tires will make a good taxi from the house to the gate. Also the little Mule can pull a cart full of chat that I can spread in the gnaliest

of places.

Glad I found this forum. Seems to be the most active on Mule SX's I could find.

Already found the thread on fouling spark plugs, important here because in the last 3 weeks we've only had 3 days above freezing.

I'm sure lots to learn!

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