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UTV questions

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New to all this.

Just purchased a home that is on fairly hilly 10 acre wooded property with a 200' gravel driveway.

There are many fairly deep ravines and ridges.

Would like something I can plow snow and also ride around the property in.

Not interested in speed.  Interested in slow, casual riding around the property.

Is a UTV good for both of these wants?

Is a UTV too top heavy for trail riding?

Will have to clear trails and collecting firewood would be great.

If so, what brand/model do you recommend.

Thank you for your recommendations.

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From your description, I'd say a UTV is what you'd want.  Much more comfortable than an ATV for extended use like plowing.  Plus you could have a windshield and enclosure.  No worries about being top-heavy,  nothing above shoulder level but roll cage and a plastic roof.   Plenty of options and prices ranges out there, if you can find them in stock.

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On 3/21/2022 at 7:30 AM, Patrick Kernahan said:

Sort of decided on a Kubota because of the hydrostatic transmission.

Problem that nobody has any.

Have a dealer that will call me when one gets in that someone has ordered so I can take a look.

Hope they remember.

I bet it will be a good machine. Probably on one of those container ships we don't hear anything about any more!!! Be sure to take us some pics when its sold.

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