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PLEASE help me with my 2020 hs500 utv

joey mccarty

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I have replaced the ignition coil, spark plug, injector, fuel filter, map sensor, iac sensor, checked fuel pump and it still acts like it wants to cut out when my revs are over 3100 rpms. the problem is intermittent but happens frequently and i dont want to leave my hisun at a dealer 100 miles away and wait months. It never stalls but it idles rough and sometimes when its real bad i cant go over 10 mph. yes i fasten seat belts

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Just a guess based on a similar problem I had. It seems to be going into limp mode. This is often caused by air in the radiator hoses. If so, raise front end by at least 20 inches, remove rad cap and idle machine until all air bubbles are out while adding coolant. If the problem keeps coming back, there's a coolant leak which needs to be fixed.

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My sister had me check out her 2020 HiSun HS500 UTV.
It never cut out for me because I wore the seat belt.

There is a safety that will make the engine cut-out when the safety-belt isn't fastened.

The way to override this is to wear the seat-belt or to disconnect the sensor wire behind the seat.

Good luck with your machine!


Mike H

Meridian, Idaho

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