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2017 Massimo Warrior 700 shifting issues

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Purchased a 2017 warrior 700 used last year and seems to be a solid machine (for an off brand at least) To date only issue we've had is the shifting issue. The gear shifter becomes stuck in one position or another. Found a local atv shop to look at it and found the interlock that prevents it from being shifted unless you press the brake pedal. Lubricated the bracket on the transmission and it began to work again. Its gotten to the point we have to spray WD40 or any sort of lubricant on the bracket every time we want to use the machine. Can anyone provide a name for the part ?  Would the machine function without the interlock ? Can it be removed ? Honestly love the machine aside from this issues its served us well. Appreciate any help you all can provide !

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  • Alex changed the title to 2017 Massimo Warrior 700 shifting issues

Removed interlock for now but noticed shift cable is frozen, cannot get it to move. Removed cable from machine and no luck freeing it up. New cable ordered with a mid week delivery eta. Has anyone run their machine without the interlock ? Does this help keep in in gear selected ? or just to prevent shifting without actuating brake pedal ? 


Appreciate any input

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