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2021 Tracker 500s winch wiring

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Hey guys, 2021 Textron 500s. I bought this unit and Bass pro sent me the Provantage 3000 winch. It is all color coded. I own a ranch with a lot of equipment, so I am fairly fluent in working things. tractors, balers and such. So I have all of this hooked up. If I just put the wires yellow and blue on the batt, winch both ways. when I put them back on the solenoid which has post colored--YELLOW, BLUE, RED, BLACK AND 3 flat connections on the side ---GREEN, BROWN BLACK. This flat connectors go to the switch. Up at the switch I have another plug that is right next to the switch.  Now I have even changed solenoids. bit I cannot get any juice to the switch. May not be the best description, but just checking if anyone has run into a winch problem or has wired one up, and can tell me what little trick they used to get power to the switch. Thanks in case anyone has an answer for me. I drove down from Idaho to Las Vegas to pick this up so I am not taking it back to Vegas, and the closest place to get it worked on is 120 miles away. Just looking for something else to check or do, before I throw the switch away and wire my own switch in.  


Tracker 1.jpg

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