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Massimo 500 utv


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We have a massimo 500 utv we have changed the fuel pump (but you can't hear it kick on) we put a new fuel injector on and a new plug the thing will turn over when trying to start it but it will never really start or run. Can poor gas right down the throttle body and it will run for just a second and stop please help. Not sure what else could be the cause of it not wanting to start and run

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If your UTV will not start or if you prime the throttle body and get it to run most likely it is a fuel pressure problem (fuel pump).  This is a common problem with all (big brands from USA, Japan and China) go down to the store and buy a cheap Fuel Injection tester and you will find that there is not enough fuel pressure.  Before you go ahead a purchase a new fuel pump check the connections and the grounds.


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