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brand new HS700UTV-7 from home depot Check engine light


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Hi everyone, I just purchased the UTV yesterday. drove it off trailer and about 1/2 mile no issues, temp gauge never moved.
later i  checked the oil level and filled the gas.  I let it warm up for a bit and the check engine light came on. 
The owners manual does not mention the check engine light at all.
The closest repair shop is 1.5 hrs 
Can anyone help me with reading / resetting the  code and see if it happens again?
Thanks in advance 

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That's unfortunate. It should display the code on your dash with the key on. It will say "P XXX" with x being the code number.

There is a service manual in the download section of this website, inside is a list of codes. I know there are also multipleuser manuals floating around for each of these models, some have better information than others. Let us know what you get for a code and we can help you further troubleshoot. I would bet that there's a loose wire that didn't get fully seated at the factory or air in the cooling system that needs to be bled or something else simple.

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Unfortunately I'm on a very slow internet connection on my ship's satellite and can't watch the video at the moment.

The MIL light is controlled by the Delphi MT-05 EFI so it's strange that it's illuminated but not throwing a code. What I would do is check all the sensors connected to the EFI system remove them, and make sure they are plugged in all the way and no pins are bent. I've seen a few people report that a pin got bent on various plugs from the factory preventing proper connection of some sensors.

The sensors are all listed in the EFI section of the manual. Most of them are under the bed on top of the engine (follow the wiring harness).

Once that's done I would reset the ECU. To reset the ECU start the engine and run it up to redline in neutral (there's a Rev limitor don't worry). When it's revved up kill the engine with the key and let off the gas. Wait 15 seconds before restarting. That will reset the ECU back to factory and clear any codes.

Drive like normal and see if they reoccur from there.

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Thank you for your help. After spending hour messing with it I gave up and exchanged it at Home Depot for another one.
this one runs much smoother :)

I've left the video in my drop box in case it helps anyone. 

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