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No power to parking lights

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I have no power to my front & rear parking lights, which means no turn signals either…checked bulbs, all good, fuses good..could it be the flasher relay (module)….also, should I have power to all fuses in fuse box when ignition switch is on?

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When the key switch is on you should have power to all the fuses.

You didn't specify a model. This is the lighting circuit diagram for the 400. The 550, etc should be similar if not identical.


If you don't get power to the fuses, and the batt is good1146788444_Screenshot_20220705-072724_SamsungNotes.thumb.jpg.fae7388ef22130ead10f93cd3f90cccb.jpg the keyswitch would be the first thing to check.

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Getting power to some of the fuses, not all….my fuse box and fuse layout in my manual is not like what I actually have, so it’s hard to say which fuse sends power to each component…it seems that everything is functioning except the parking/turn signal lights front & rear….headlights & brake lights work, horn, gas gauge & parking brake warning horn all working as well as accessory outlet…very puzzling…where is the key switch physically located….I can’t read elec diagrams well.

p.s.   It’s the 400

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According to the big wiring diagram for the UT400 "F2" controls  Brake/turn lights/parking drive alarm and speed limit.

So if your brake lights are working that fuse should be ok.

So from the fuse power goes to the flasher module, into the turn signal stalk and out to the flashers. Those wires are dk brown and dk green. The feed for the parking lights comes from the combo stalk switch but goes out the blue wire.(

The only place where this is all common is the black wire that runs from terminal 1 on the big connector on the fuse/relay box (see pic attached). That should be the ground to the turn/parking lights. I would check the continuity from the pin on the relay/fuse box to ground and also check with the lights switched on and key on and that wire disconnected there should be 12v between that wire and ground.


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