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    I made my own electric power steering for my Joyner trooper..I bought a steering column out of a 02 satern vue for $80 at a junk yard..then bought a wiring kit off of eBay for another $80. And made the steering arm...the wiring kit even came with a adjustable nob..
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    Sounds like you need an owners manual. If you plan on working on it yourself, then maybe a shop service manual. My mule is a diesel model, from a different year, so my information wouldn't help. But the oil drain can be found on the bottom of the oil pan. Mine is hidden by the skid plate. The dip stick, and the filler cap should be topside.
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    There's several ways to test, and most only tell part of the story. I use a special eye dropper, that has tiny floating plastic balls. This thing is supposed to measure specific gravity, or something. What it does is tell you about the condition of the battery acid. The instructions are on the side, and it's very simple to read. It's exactly like the ones that measure anti freeze, by counting how many balls are floating. Don't know for sure, but I doubt if they're interchangeable. But they only cost about two bucks at walmart, so it doesn't really matter. Also check voltage. AutoZone, and the like, will do this for free. But I use a cheap tester from harbor freight. It's one of those that use led lights, and costs about five bucks. Put a good charge on that battery, and test it. The easiest way is to turn on the lights for a minute or so, to break the surface charge, then test. Or just test it after it's set up a day, after charging. Buy a battery tender at walmart, then you'll have a battery maintenance charger. But it won't charge a very low battery. It's not really a charger, it's a maintainer.
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    What year and model is that it looks sick. I just got 09 trooper t2 1100 turbo on 32" and some custom fabricating. I have almost no room to steer my knees rub the wheel while driving. So power steering and wheel tilt would be ideal. I just don't know what all I will need to install. Any info you have would be awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is my 09 trooper t2 1100 turbo 5 speed 4x4 on 32" mud tires and I don't have any issue besides turning difficulties it needs power steering but I can drift with these no problem Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No it works great..just had to make a linkage for the power steering unit to the stock rack and pinion.. the wiring kit from eBay even can with a knob that I mounted on the dash to adjust how much electric assistants you want.... there is some utube videos about it to.. people have put it on hot rods and tractors.. you can put it on anything really.. you just have to adapt it to whatever you put it on..
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    Good idea ,ive added tilt and quick release wheel Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
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