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    George, Cinda and Lance Stillings are also known as Paiute3, we love being out on our 700 Sportsman or in our Joyner T4. George is a live long rider and driver of off road vehicles and Cinda fell in love with ATVs on a trip to Alaska. Now its hard to keep her off or out of one.

    Our son Lance has always been an outdoors kid and loves nature, however sadly several years ago he had a stroke due to a hospital aquired infection and lost the use of the entire right side of his body. Lance has worked very hard and although he still can't use his arm he has regained some use of his leg so that he can walk very short distances using an arm cane. In the spring of 2008 we purchased a Joyner T4 so that Lance could once again enjoy the great outdoors he so loves.

    In the summer we go to Utah almost every week-end to ride the Paiute Trail, we have a fantastic time and look forward to going back there every year.
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