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  1. Sorry fellas duty calls but I am located in Douglas wy but I am putting a 22re toyota engine in the front and building a frame to run solid toyota drive train with four link suspension I have been through to many rear ends so starting over. Might not quite be a trooper any more but I am still calling it a trooper lol
  2. I have my 1100cc engine out of my trooper for sale. It has about 1000 miles on it ran very good when I pulled it out. It includes wiring harness, shifter, computer, fuel system and I will let it go for $600 I am starting over on my trooper and have no need for it now thanks Nic
  3. Low gear, my gas tank was under the passenger seat and the tabs that were welded on the side are in need of some repair but tank itself is fine, also I would take 450 for front diff
  4. Dave, yes I have all the axles and those of you who are interested, you can text me my number is 307-277-8825
  5. I have everything for sale off of my 08 trooper minus the drive lines, rear diff, and locker cable and handles. Need it gone
  6. The trooper is in wyoming sorry I should have mentioned that, but no thanks on your trooper I appreciate it though
  7. I am taking everything off my frame of my trooper and starting over if anyone is looking for some cheap parts I have a lot. The only thing It didn't have was a rear diff because it shelled out (surprise surprise) Engine Front diff A arms Shocks Steering Trailing arms Fuel tank Wiring harness Locker assembly Drive lines Shifter brakes If interested let me know
  8. Need some rear diff parts for t2 trooper

  9. hey man thinking of trying this same thing just wondering what you went with for front and rear ends?
  10. NBlackburn

    Rear shock

    This looks awsome!!!!

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