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  1. http://www.joyner.com.cn/ Notice the contact information
  2. There was not a CV upgrade for the front driveline. Only the rear.
  3. Man......I wish I would have seen this post sooner. I still have that slightly used rear drive line that I need to find a home for.
  4. Slight correction.......it is the Sand spider frame.
  5. I was logged in before under a different name. Could not remember. I was the owner of the former EDGE Powersports located in Idaho. The complete drive line is from the rear of engine to rear diff. Again.....I am taking offers on the drive line and the locker cables. You guys know what they are worth to you.
  6. I just discovered a slightly used drive line for a T-2. It is the upgraded version. Also......I have 6 of the locker cables for the Trooper and Renegade. Will entertain offers if interested. Glade

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