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Joyner Python


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Anyone ever hear of a Joyner Python? Met a guy today that has one of only 7 that are in the US. Not sure if this is true or not but that is what he told me. I never heard of it so there probably aren't that many. It is an 800CC and a two seater that is about 700 pounds. He says it is fast and I imagine at that weight and CC's that it is. Just wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of one. It is a 2009 and he bought it new. He showed me a picture off his phone but couldn't really tell what it looked like. It is also a 4 speed.

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Yep, she is a beast alright and many years in the making. It’s got the 812cc Renegade engine in the old Sand Viper 650 body (Commando engine). No comparison between the two. Pity it took too long to get to market, geez I might be selling Joyners if it was a year or so earlier.

Cheers Mike.

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Yep, she is a beast alright and many years in the making. It’s got the 812cc Renegade engine in the old Sand Viper 650 body (Commando engine). No comparison between the two. Pity it took too long to get to market, geez I might be selling Joyners if it was a year or so earlier.

Cheers Mike.

Slight correction.......it is the Sand spider frame.

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If they had done this back when, I would be driving one instead of the T2...

Rally buggy is more my style ..... Don't get me wrong, I like my T2, just liked the Spyder better but considered it under powered at the time with the twin engine.....

Hmmmm wonder if I could swing a deal with T2 as trade in ???

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Hi Niles

I sooo want to put the Python thru some "testing" :)

I'll see you in Nov at the Valley of Fire,my friend !!

BTW sure proud to see Joyner USA's progress putting Joyner back on the map, you guys keep up the good work !!!

Thank you Team...

And we are hoping to have one of the production models for the VOF, but we will have one there for sure....prototype or production...you can count on that....

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