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  1. Joynerperformance As dealers we recived buggy as they came.Sorry that the box was not vary well though out.But all i can say is that the kit takes about 2 1/2 hours to fab + parts so thats way we charge this price.We sell kits to many customers and had no complant.This is a hobby for me and like to make things for Joyners. Thanks Rick
  2. joynerperformance We carry Python hoods foe 650 spyders [email protected]
  3. Joynerperformance The Kit is complete.Easy to install Is is a cable system.I have posted a picture of dash leaver it works just like joyner system but is easy to install.With the joyner system you had to remove front drive shaft and replace the nose cone.Our system just replaces the elect unit and install manual cable to dash.It has no gears no plastic all manual kit.And no removing driveshaft or replacing nose cone.1 year warranty
  4. joynerperformance Hi Lenny looks like you got it together.I love the grease fitting.Let me know how the clutch kit works.Do i need to modify any part of clutch kit to make it work better.How is the clutch pedal pressure. Thanks Rick
  5. joynerperformance I sent picture of 4x4 convision kit.You take out old elect unit and install our manual kit.This is manual kit like factory but a lot easer to install
  6. joynerperformanceparts Our convision kit converts elect to manual 4x4 sustem.Remove old elect unit and install manual unit in its place.Install handel and connect cable.You must cut hole for the dash handel.The picture is for 650 commando.The trooper mounts next to locker leavers. [email protected]
  7. joynerperformance Just finish our elect to manual 4X4 kit. Can ship out next week [email protected] 1 year warranty 169.00 comes complete just bolt on.
  8. joynerperformance We have our convision kit ready to sell just recivied patent pending on Fri. its ready to ship out next week.Just bolts in 1 year warranty. Price is 179.00 Thanks Rick
  9. joynerperformance We have gotten are elect to manual 4x4 kit done.We have gotten it Patent Pending we can ship it out next week. [email protected] comes with every thing you need just bolts in.1 year warranty.
  10. [email protected] Silverbullet has boot made out of silcone that will fit.Just give him a call 928 344 2117
  11. joynerperformance rick They look good.In joy the extra clearance you got.I am glad they worked. Thanks Rick
  12. joynerperformanceparts We have been asked to make a super heavy duty kelver clutch.We have talked to my clutch guy. And we have increase the pressuer plate from our stock keliver 30% more pressure to 50% more. A new disc with more heaft to it.This is for the guys with big H/P.The stock plate we offer is great for guys with big tires and mid increase in power.Check silverbulletmotorsports for bearing he may be able to find one.If bearing was ruff i would try to find new one.They our hard to find sometimes. Thanks Rick
  13. Joynerperformanceparts 30 " tires on the 1100 viper will take away to much power.I have tried it and had poor results.The little extra clearance is not worth it.If you have an older 2008 it will have a locked diff.Thats what they came with big tires would put to much strain on the output shaft. For sand a wider tire is better more flotation if you need new tires then go with a Maxxis Big Horn or GBC tire they work great.And for some reason will be bigger than the Joyner tire with the same markings size.Just check it out. Thanks Rick
  14. Joyner Performance Parts I have sold Silverbulletmotorsports.I have been with Joyner for about 9 years.I am going to work on performance parts as a hobby I will not sell stock parts or due any more service work for that you will have to go to Silverbulletmotorsports. Jose was my manager for the last 15 months.So he knows his stuff.Thanks for all the busness and help you gave me with new idears.Hope you the best.I have some killer idears for more power and reliablity if you think of anything maybe i can make it happen just email me. Thank You Rick

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