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  1. you get all kinds of stuff but if you read the fine print they arent for a mule 1000 they are for like the 610's and 2510's and stuff they arent actually for the 100's so ive seen
  2. yea i looked all over as far as most of these places are concerned the mule 1000 doesnt exist lol. i'll just have to put my fabricating hat on and make one up
  3. yup they dont have one for the mule 1000 it looks like it would be pretty simple to make a basic lift kit. doesnt look like it would be much more than a few spacer blocks for the front and two shackles for the rear
  4. anyone know if one exists? if not has anyone lifted one with a home made kit? i'm thinking on doing it and hopeing to be able to be able to fit a larger tire like a 24 or 25 any help would be appreciated
  5. it was a carb problem got it fixed and its happened again ugh i think its an issue with ethanol in the fuel gonna try ethanol free premuim after the next cleaning
  6. ive always just run the same as my atv which is 10w-30 im not really sure what it calls for though. you are welcome for the help im having an issue with mine at the moment i dont have any power whatsoever and i can only get 10 mph out of it but man these are good old machines when they run right
  7. i have an older kawsaki mule 1000 model kaf 450 and i have no power under load and can only get about 10 MPH out of it on flat ground and cant even climb up a hill with it . ive cleaned the carbs out and replaced the fuel lines and filter. anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?
  8. check the little window back on the rear end on the pumpkin just above it is a fill hole

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