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  1. Finially got to take my new Prowler to the farm this past weekend. Boy was I amazed at what this machine can do. With all the rain we have had this year my creek corssing was washed out pretty bad and still muddy as the dickens. Corssed it with no problems and cutting deep ruts climbing up the bank. Had to cut some trees out of trails and this thing pulled them with no problem. Had tons of power. Even cut some into 4 foot lengths and filled the bed and pulled some at around 8 ft long across the creek and up to the old trailer for fire wood for the winter. The hills this thing would climb witho
  2. I just bought a XT650 prowler. Does anyone know any good places to ride within 100 miles of Kansas City Mo. Doesnt matter weather it is in Mo or Ks. Looking forward to finding places to ride and meeting new people. Tom
  3. Boy that is a great looking rig. Gives me some ideas for my Prowler. Thanks for sharing the photos. Tom
  4. Hey Bill I am also new to this site. But welcome. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer. Tom
  5. I just bought the XT650. I like it so far. Got a good deal on it so that is why I bought it. I feel the UTV's are like about everything else. Everybody makes good and bad. Tom
  6. Thanks. I look forward to explorying this forum and meeting new people through here. Tom
  7. Just wanted to say hi. I have just bought an Aritic Cat XT650 Prowler. Bought it to work on the farm and for the wife to pull behind our 5th wheel and find places to ride and meet new people. I have owned some sort of ATV for 23 years. Tom

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