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Come On People!!!!


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We could have a disagreement here. Rhinos are Top dog and every body knows it. Other Rhino people speak up and defend our ride.

I am not looking to down talk any other side by side out there.... As for the Rhino, I will agree it is a DOG....slow, gutless, expensive.

Actually, I like all of them. We AC people are new to the SxS market and just looking to show we are equal ( if not better )


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I thought I could get a little activity with that comment. Guess it must be just a couple of us on here. We need more people commenting to find out whats best Or whats going on for excitement. Right now it stands 1 for Artic Cat and 1 for Yamaha.

Just giving you ma bad time though. lol.

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hello everyone,

cant say i have a personal preference , as all of these new UTV / RUV have some benefits over the others,

took a close look at the polaris rzr, is a nice one,

if you guys need some soft cabs or accessories,

check out this american company!

hopefully this forum will get some activity if we put some content on here

matt in kentucky

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We just need more people on this site! UTV market is growing, so will this site...

UTVMAN, almost a year to the day, more people on there way. I like all UTVs, some more than others but all UTVs have pros & cons. Over here in NZ we still don't really know what UTVs are & the result is me learning off you fellas. This site will only grow with people, so pass the word on and help turn it into what it deserves.

Cheers Mike.

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Jimbo, we could of stayed on RA and flung crap back at you until the cows came home. This is a new site with new people and I for one will try not to go down that level anymore. UTV Board is a bloody good place to communicate with each other who have a similar interest. You don't with us anymore. We have moved on and have let go of the negative past. Try it, you might like it. Welcome to UTV Boards by the way Jimmy and I hope you can find something positive while your here. If you need a hand or have a suggestion, admin is a man of action and is on the ball, so don't hesitate to PM him.

Cheers Mike.

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