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Finially got to take my new Prowler to the farm this past weekend. Boy was I amazed at what this machine can do. With all the rain we have had this year my creek corssing was washed out pretty bad and still muddy as the dickens. Corssed it with no problems and cutting deep ruts climbing up the bank. Had to cut some trees out of trails and this thing pulled them with no problem. Had tons of power. Even cut some into 4 foot lengths and filled the bed and pulled some at around 8 ft long across the creek and up to the old trailer for fire wood for the winter. The hills this thing would climb without even a wimper. I watched a video on the rhino and it said that the Prowler had no engine breaking when going down hills. I dont know which one the were riding but mine sure does. Some of the hills we were going down were hard to walk up. And I never had to hit the breaks. All in all I think I made the right decision in buying this machine.


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Agreed, I remember the days on the farm with 600+ acres, I wish we would have had something like this back then instead of Firing up the old John Deere A or B model which was another story.

Glad to see you are happy. What I find is that most people are happy with their choices because it fits what they want, not what someone else wants.

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