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  2. Lenny, a couple things will do what you are saying, but it sounds like your springs might be a little soft on the front letting weight transfer off the back when you get into heavy braking, the other thing is you have to much brake in the front but i do not think that is it. Try rasing the front end and see if it changes it at all, that would give you a idea if that is what is going on.
  3. You always want to use the long side of the gear, since the front and rear difs are feed from different directions, they have to have the teeth made different. It is kind of how a dam is built, the water has preasure on the long side, if it was built backwards or straight it would break, if the water was on the other side it would break. Your gearing is always stronger when you are going forward. I do not know how many buggys i have seen breaking there trany backing into a trailer.
  4. Rocmoc, tried to PM you, you are full and will not recieve like i was, try again, good to here from you Lenny
  5. I have been swamped, jsut put new shocks on the front-end, new fourway bypass with new coil overs, we did not have enough compression. we are testing at glen helen this week end. It is the 91 truck that i am crew chiefing. Nick tyree is the driver, we have our own web site. I am the old man you see in the pictures. Home computer was down for 3 or 4 days but is back up now
  6. rocmoc, how are you doing , i have been very busy with the lucas oil series pro 2 truck. if you want to see what i have on the trooper and drive it, let me know. you can take all the pictures you want and all the measurements. I can not believe you have not change shocks yet.
  7. Lenny, unless you are doing something i am not reading about, is not the drive line going to spin the same as engine rpm which i know you are not going to keep under 1800, you do not drive like grandma.
  8. I have seen the new long travel kit that buggy world in san diego is going to be offering. It looks very nice and will bolt up to the stock mounts. It will have new front a arms and new rear swing arms. It also will come with a set of fox shocks. I do not know how much travel it will have, the car did not have the axles in it, they were getting the axles made. They were using the stock cv joints. Looking at it it was very nice, BUT to get the most out of it you would want to move the upper front shock tower and it looked like moving the rear diff. The car looked like it was probably around 8"
  9. Rocmoc, just read some of the back post, you say you are running 300's over 600's on the rear. you are going to be to soft on the 300's, you will have a hard time staying off the 600's when crusing. if i were you(i could not be that lucky) i think i would run a 450 because of the differnt shock angle that you have. Tell me if i am wrong but when you are hauling ass around a corner the back is going to snap loose and turn the car very fast (your eyes will get big). The only way this won't happen is if you are on the 600 all the time. The 300 is way to weak.
  10. There has been alot of info put on this site about different shocks. I think everybody here knows that i am a fox shock person, I am sure there are other good shocks, but i know the fox shock is a very good and reliable shock, i do not know the others. With my trooper it does not matter how i drive it, wether it is like a idiot or just putting around with the wife, it does very well. The fox 8" shocks fit with out alot of modes on the rear, the front is alittle more difficult because the trooper does not set there front ends up with the right shock geo. I do not run any limiting straps on the
  11. Lenny, have you thought of openning the tunnel so air flows through it from the front, You would be getting clean air to the aircleaner and it would create positive preasure around the engine, the windshield will always have a low preasure behind it, the trick is to keep the dust from coming up from behind the car. On some of the old jeeps they had a curved brow at the rear roof line pushing air down at the back of the car. it must have worked because the rear window always looked halfway clean. Just a different thought.
  12. I do not know if this is the problem, the air cleaners should only be cleaned with the detergent that they give you, or equivelent. Alot of the carb cleaners for carb engines will wipe out the sensers in the throttle body if used to clean air filters. Just a warnning.
  13. we use nitrogen because there is no moisture in it, when the oil gets hot the preasure does not go up in the shock as much. Your valving will stay alot cleaner. As far as the preasure, the shock is not a joyner shock which is alot different story
  14. Rocmoc, i do not use limiting straps on the front or rear. When instaled the shocks i mounted them so that when they were fully exstended the cv's were free on the front and rear. After i did that i removed the ends of the shocks and instaled a longer rubber snuber around the shaft to control how far the shock could colapse so you do not pull the cv's out when you bottom out. The way you get the ends of the shaft is by taking a alum block, drilling a hole the size of your shock shaft, splitting it in half so you can get it around the shaft, hold it in a vise, heat the shaft end to release th
  15. NO, You will have a hard time finding springs to fit corectly, also the valving is bad. You want a shock that you can adjust the valving. Plus you need a quality shock.

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