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  1. Well, once again.. THANKS MIKE! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able to keep up on any news!!!
  2. Well the pics definetly tell a different story than 2.5".. LOL That's just what we heard. Like 44" in some places with 10' drifts. Course, I am hearing this from my snowmobile clients and it may just be wishful thinking. LMAO
  3. Hey 4x4! The guys just came in and told me that your Govenor declared a state of emergency... Really?
  4. Thats hilarious!!!! Our UPS driver came in this morning telling us about your storm.. Now Anilyzer is mad at me cause I didn't order any for us. LOL So, now we are waiting on T2 Snow Pics!!! WHOO HOO!!!
  5. LMAO You all are some funny people! 4X4 - Can't wait to hear the stories. Just remember ... you ain't trying if you ain't getting stuck! Detbo - That's funny. Good thing you could get a tractor to the pond! Cinda - Great to be here! Thanks!!
  6. Hey 4X4! So, I just have a couple of questions and a statement since I am unfamiliar with the area. Love the fact that you are paying attention to your area and what occurs and are being proactive!!! Wish there was more of that going on. So, on to my questions. Do the recreationists of the area and the USFS get along there? Just asking due to our situation, where we don't... and my initial concern was that access that the USFS would be getting. The idea sounds awesome, but would the land stay private with public access or does some type of legislation get involved where the land then b
  7. Although I had a great time at the end of last winter, I still wouldn't give up my sled. LOL Course, I probably would get hurt less if I stayed in the T2.
  8. Sweet! Dress warm cause I just ordered snow for you. LOL
  9. Well I hope for lots of snow for you as well 4x4x454. Gotta have a winter sport!!! LOL Mike - If you end up in the states, let us know. This link is a little excessive for your questions, but the sled was cooler than hell when Tim got it done. This was mine in 2002. 2002 Yamaha Viper LTL
  10. Good Morning! We are in North Eastern Nevada, so yeah, we get a fair amount of snow. In fact, the weather service is predicting an inch in the valley today. Hopefully that means more in the mountains! You ride sleds 4X4X454? The picture was taken last March. We ended up in a bunch of snow. It was great... well for me anyway. LOL The 4 wheelers could stay on top, the Rangers couldn't get thru, and the T2 was a blast in churning up the snow and mud! Good thing I had old snowmobile clothes on. Mud everywhere. Tim was impressed when I came back with it. I think it weighed 400 lbs
  11. Longtrack Lady


    At Your Leisure TV Show
  12. Was sent a link to this place a while ago, but finally took the time to start reading and join in. I am Co-Owner of Thin Air Powersports with Anylizer. I take out the machines and he fixes my mistakes!!! LOL We are located in Spring Creek, Nevada... So, not much for Dunes, but lots of mud (when we get rain), snow, and dirt (k... maybe dust). Used to hate the summers down here due to the heat, but these new toys have been great! I can't wait to hear/see the stories from you all!

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