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  1. Around a year ago I posted that I trashed my rear diff on the trooper. Upon inspection I noticed that all the bolts that held the ring gear on were safety wired together. Does this mean that it was upgraded? Also what are my options other than Silverbullet on getting it rebuilt?
  2. My bad forgot which post this was. I agree with you its not that expensive compared to most but I don't like the fact that just because my gears are shot I now have to buy a whole assy. Also has anyone heard from Lenny. I pm'd him and no reply?
  3. Yea that's ridiculous. The problem is trying to find just the ring and pinion. I've got a gear and axle place and hour from me and its my last resort if I don't hear back from bruhaw.
  4. Thank you soon much bruhaw finally I can get some relief without having to buy a complete diff. Pm, Call, or post a price. (318)332-8326.
  5. Please update when you hear back from them pleaaaaaassseeee!
  6. Yea figured that I couldn't buy just the parts. Hopefully someone here has an extra pinion 15 tooth and ring 32 tooth?
  7. Well just wondering if anyone has an extra ring and pinion. Also what would be a good spacing for the spider gears between the carrier? And backlash for the ring and pinion?
  8. Took some measurements of the play in my spider gears with the conical washers installed.Any idea what a good setting is?
  9. Really looking for just a ring and pinion. But will buy a complete one if necessary.
  10. Also found that my pinion is 15 and ring is 32
  11. Well tore apart the rear end and to my surprise is a lot of metal in the bottom. Further into it I've found that my ring and pinion are trash. I noticed that the ring bolts have been drilled and safety wire installed but they are the factory bolts. I need a parts list for upgrading it and am looking for a ring and pinion also. Feel free to ask me any questions. And all input is highly appreciated!

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