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Another rear diff ?

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Around a year ago I posted that I trashed my rear diff on the trooper. Upon inspection I noticed that all the bolts that held the ring gear on were safety wired together. Does this mean that it was upgraded? Also what are my options other than Silverbullet on getting it rebuilt?

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the wires meant that it had not been upgraded...depending on the damage,you may find your best value in purchasing a complete new rear diff..they generally have some sort of warranty...here in Canada Mudslinger.ca in your neck of the woods try,Prattville powersports took over from JMC and seem good to deal with,as you mentioned Silverbullet

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joyner-usa.com will have them, they're the distributor in AZ. If all it did was shear the bolt, lucky you, replace the bolts with 12.9 grade allen heads from mcmaster-carr

Do search for differential in this forum and you'll find lots of advice on differentials. you can also search mcmaster and you find the details on the replacement bolts and how to grind them down some for clearance.


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