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Broken Output Shaft


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Went out yesterday for a casual trip up Farmington Canyon which is a few minutes from my house. We were about 3/4 trough our planned trip for the day. We veered off a rarely traveled trail due to it being steep, loose, and rocky. The final part of the climb was steepest and just over the top was the crest. As my right rear tire started to climb over a loose bolder it kicked it out and I stayed on the throttle. The rear end bounced and POP...there went my rear output shaft. It was not a fun spot to try and back down. The trooper kept wanting to slide and slip sideways regardless of where I pointed the front wheels.

This is my first mechanical failure on the trooper. I am sure it was fatigued from miles of hard riding and rock crawling.

Anyone suggest where to buy a new one? I don't want this part to fail again. I am going to look into heat treating the new one. I will also contact some axle companies and see if they can guestimate what it would cost to build one out of 4340 or even 300M. If it is around $500 it would be worth it to me to never have to worry about this part again. I would prefer an axle or driveshaft failure.

Here are some pics from the day:




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I always used 4 wheel drive on rough rocky climbs where rocks can do just what you described. As a matter of fact, I stayed in 4 wheel most of the time on all trails unless I wanted to break loose the rear wheels for power sliding turns. When 4 wheels are driving and one gets on a rock, it will keep rolling over it rather then spinning it out from under it as the other 3 wheels keep you going forward. When the wheel spins, the drive train slacks off and then as the spinning tire impacts down hard, things can brake. I've heard a lot of Trooper owners say how they don't need 4 wheel drive to climb a lot of tough climbs but that isn't the point. Its about taking the impact stress off the drive train.

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Idk if this is possible but about a yr aga I talked to a mechanic from No limits powersports in Texas and he said you can remove the seats and what not and pull the tranny without pulling the engine he said was a tight fit but could be done. Just throwing it out there good luck

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Transmission out without touching the engine. 3 cuts under the passenger seat and notched the frame behind the passenger seat-- came right out. Now I will make the piece I cut out a bolt on and patch & weld the notch closed. I will be able to pull a tranny in an hour now.

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Man this is getting frustrating. I have contacted 6 different companies about building a new shaft and I have only heard back from one. They said they don't build shafts for go carts--lol. I am awaiting one more company which I know can do it if they have the correct cutter for the splines, but they wanted to know pitch angle of the splines and I am not sure how to measure that. I sent them a bunch of pictures and I am hoping they can determine it off of those.

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