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Rear end is trashed


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Well tore apart the rear end and to my surprise is a lot of metal in the bottom. Further into it I've found that my ring and pinion are trash. I noticed that the ring bolts have been drilled and safety wire installed but they are the factory bolts. I need a parts list for upgrading it and am looking for a ring and pinion also. Feel free to ask me any questions. And all input is highly appreciated!

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I think I may have a ring and pinion. I replaced my original trooper ring and pinion with the commando ring and pinion as I wanted more low end power. I had put 30 inch tires on and so I wanted more low end. I will look and if I can locate i will PM you. Might take a day or two but will try and locate.

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Hey guys!

Well back to the rear end on my trooper.

I didn't pull the rear apart yet but I have a knocking sound in the rear end just like last time! Going to say it's one of the center pins.

So first question is does anyone else had this issue? And 2 I will be looking for pinion shafts again. So please let me know if anyone has one.


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