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    i luv the mountains i luv diesel eng and coal, and fighting. and my girls are my life there names are laila and avery.

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  1. i looked at my wiring at my o2 sensor, i pulled off the plastic cover and it was all ok so i retaped it, i did notice it dont really start acting up until the engine starts warming up. im not really sure do you have any pictures and i wonder if i got a new wiring harness and i wonder if you could bypass the o2 sensors. what do you thank?
  2. i found some plug wires they are a little bit long but they seal ok i couldnt find a exacte match them damn wires are so reaking short, but anyway i put a small bead of silacone around them but they work great. they are autolite and theres two diff sets. p/n 97066 or p/n 97106 you will just have to deside wich one you want i went with the 97066 cause they sealed a little better and they were a little bit longer but they have a strait end on the coil end. but the still didnt salve my shutdown problem and man is it killing me.
  3. i looked at the wires for a 1.3 and they was way off. im going to go take the trooper down to my local parts gouroo and see if he can match them up for me.
  4. buffalocreekmudslinger

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  5. well i took masking tape and marked all my conections, but it wasnt really that hard it took me about a hour to pull it. its a really small clutch. but im not used too little vehicals i work on mainly 1000 hp engs but any way theres alot of clamps on it and the wiring is very small so be careful you can break them real easy. you dont have to pull the trans to pull the engine. i put a factory clutch in it and it was totaly diff the the one that came in it. the one i put in it was built better. when i put it back together i put electro grease back on all the elect connections cause i noticed that alot of them were not water tight. good luck there friend. if i can help you just let me know. my email is [email protected]
  6. any ideas how to seal the bell housing cause the driveline goes right thru it? i tryed to wash mine out i couldnt get it clean enough had to pull the eng man was that a pain.
  7. i havnt had any problems but i was in a mud hole and was playing in it and i filled it up full of mud and had to pull it and clean it up but i put a new one in it and just put the old one up it was in good shape though. that dang driveling goes right through the bellhousing and when your in mud it sucks it right up and filles it up with it.
  8. need to know if theres anyother plug wires out there besides factory like for a dodge or somthing like that. thanks for your help

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