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  1. AWESOME! Thanks. I haven't been on because it wouldn't let me sign in. Finally got that taken care of. I have the switch, harness and actuator out of the joyner. I'm gonna do it remotely and see if it works. (much easierto get to) The old box does not have any of the motors or gears in it. I'm not sure you could do much with it but thanks anyways. Tim
  2. I need a lil help guys. I have a 2009 trooper and I bought a new 4x4 actuator for it. It came in and is a 4 wire connector. Mine is a 3 wire connector. Does anyone know how to make this work or have a wiring diagram that I could wire it myself? Thanks in advance. Tim
  3. Sorry so slow getting back. Mine doesn't have a vacuum line hooked up. It has a line that runs to the charcoal canister. Did you try the plugs yet?
  4. If that is the stock gauge, it probably isn't correct mine was showing 45 psi and when I put another one I had in the shop, it was more like 25 psi. Go ahead and change your plugs (cheapest 1st) but I've never heard of plugs getting hot and not working. Fuel pumps and ignition coils usually. Keep us informed on how the plug change goes.
  5. Check the fuel pressure. Its probably your pump getting weak as it gets hot.
  6. I did the adjustment on the shafts and it fixed everything. My pedal would go all the way down to the floor and the brakes were almost non-existent. I rebuilt my calipers. Bled them several times. New pads and nothing helped til a did the shafts. Good luck.
  7. I have been waiting for you to get back with me on a Ring & pinion. You never called me back. But I can send you the pics of the gears and hub.
  8. I emailed you some pictures of the housing. I did what Kinarfi said. No leaks.
  9. Silverbullet, If I sent you my old housing would you take $240 off a new one?

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