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Trooper has intermittent starting..


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My trooper intermitts when it wants to start.. it will always start cold..but if you shut it off it might start again and it may not.. it won't fire..but it you wait 5-10 mins it will start up just fine again until you shut it off.. I can't figure it out soo it's been idel if a lot lately..



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If that is the stock gauge, it probably isn't correct mine was showing 45 psi and when I put another one I had in the shop, it was more like 25 psi.

Go ahead and change your plugs (cheapest 1st) but I've never heard of plugs getting hot and not working. 

Fuel pumps and ignition coils usually. Keep us informed on how the plug change goes. 

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Yes.. i also turned the fuel pressure down to about 50-52 psi.. it wasn't running rich.. air/fuel gauge is running at about 14-14.5 warm..I took it riding the other day for about 6-8 hours and i had to wait for it to start a few times that morning but after that it hasn't don't it anymore.. I don't know for sure but I think it's was because i had it very very rich before and now I got it running pretty go now..

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Glad you figured it out. At the end of the season last year Mine was dieing on me when coming off throttle from time to time. Then it didn't want to start afterward. I found oil in the intake and on the intake sensors. Also found a suspect air leak in a cracked intake rubber plug.  Cleaned the sensors and filled the plug with rtv and is running great. Keep an eye on rubber parts. They are always cracking. 

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