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  1. Hammerdn


  2. How much are the hard doors going for
  3. Chek your fuel filter first any pluggage will hinder the engine from starting
  4. Have been spraying my stock filter with the K&N oil for 4 months now and have noticed that I haven't had any of the fine dust or dirt in the intake. Seems to work just fine.
  5. Yeah I had seen that before been thru there to many times to keep track of. In fact I had thought about looking you up when I came back thru, but things kind of changed I wasn't in a good frame of mind.
  6. I just don't get it, that was my fourth trip down and back and never had been stopped before. Thanks for the welcome
  7. Just got back from Lake Havasu, AZ. Bad News if your pulling a bumper pull trailer and your trooper on a trailer behind it you will get a ticket, I found out the hard way. But if you are pulling a fifth wheel you can tow behind it. go figure. After an extra tank of fuel and an extra trip back to Havasu to vegas then to st george and my 175.00 dollar ticket I think I'm going to look into a toy hauler. Just thought I'd let you all know what AZ doubles rule is.
  8. was just going thru the posts and pics thanks again Hammerdn
  9. Remember seeing a post on adding a sump to the fuel tank but can't find it. Can't remember if you installed check valves at each end or not . Seems to me it would be the wise thing to do, to keep from sucking in air.
  10. Was looking at the option of putting in a front sump and also found a fuel cell that would fit into the space where the storage box is under the driver seat for a auxilary tank for more fuel cap. Hammerdn
  11. Thanks for the advise. I was planinnig on purging the tank with straight Argon but CO2 would be a better option. Have done it before without any problems, but there is always a first. Hammerdn
  12. Pulled fuel tank out today. Had small leak all week,tightened all fittings. Went for a ride and by the time I came back leak was a lot worse. So I drained what gas I had left and pulled the tank. Upon first inspection really did'nt see anything obvious except for a spot where one of the frame tubes had been rubbing on the tank right at the sump. Didn't seem to be any holes worn thru. Filled the tank with water and did an inspection. No leaks where it had been rubbing but it was leaking somewhere. Finally after rotateing the tank around and letting it sit a few minutes in each position finally found it. It was on the bottom front weld seam. When looking at it you can't tell that the weld is not complete, but when you add liquid to it you can see it seep out. It just puzzle's me that it hasn't started leaking sooner. Then I guess it has since I could smell gas from day that I bought it. I guess it was so small that it didn't leave any drops on the ground until now. Now comes the flushing and airing out proccess before I start tig welding on it. I guess this will be a good time to add some weld to the brackets and add some foam strips to the brackets and braces and a other place it might rub or come in contact with anything and it should add to the sound deading and vibrations. Anything else I might want to do while I have the tank out????? Just wanted fellow Troopers to know where to look in case they have a mystirious fuel leak they can't find. Hammerdn
  13. I think Joyner should hire you and Lenny for their R & D
  14. I've found that using little rubber washers between the body and the frames mounting brackets gets rid of a lot of the rattles

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