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  2. It won't let me upload any more pics, it's the gear at the bottom of the shaft on the top right, the one with the larger black nut on top
  3. Did you check the coils with a spark tester? I just worked on a buggy that would start and only run a few minutes and then die. Chased the ghosts for weeks. Turned out it had a weak coil and it would spark pretty good on the first crank then the spark became weak or intermittent and would die. New coil and it runs fine.
  4. Definitely not a mini viper, I have a 2006/2007
  5. Hi guys I need help. I searched every where and can't find the answer on line or in threads. I have a 2006/2007 joyner mini viper 800cc fuel injected chery 3 cylinder. A gear is chewed up in the transmission and I can't find parts. I live in south Florida and we don't have the dunebuggy following as out west so parts and knowledge are hard to come by. It looks like the chewed up gear is part of the shaft everything else looks fine. Wheee can I locate a replacement? Is it true that the internals are the same as some John Deere's? I've read everything from ford escort transmissions to John Deer
  6. I just bought my first buggy, a 2007 Joyner 4 speed 3 cylinder. I'm not even sure which model it is, I think it's the sand viper. It runs great but 1st gear just started making noise. In neutral it revs with no clicking, in 1st there is a clicking noise like a stick stuck in a fan which increases speed with rpms. 2nd-4th and reverse does not make this sound. Any ideas of what this could be? Thanks

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