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  2. Hey guys i just picked up a 2011 massimo 800... just put a new rad in.. was seeing some folks had put a moose fan on them to help cool temps.... i was also looking to add a mecanical temp gauge... as well as i seen you can add a car battery and that helps some with cooling as well as faster start.... we just put header wrap on the exhaust hopeing that helps some with driver side hot ass... lol any help or advice would be awsome thanks
  3. Hey there i just picked up a 2011 massimo 800... just put a new rad in it old one had rubed a hole in it.... was see where the best place to put a mechanical temp guage was... also looking to add a moose fan i seen post it helps... as well as adding a Honda civic battery..... any help would be awsome thanks
  4. Ok so i just got a 2011 800 massimo... and just put in a new rad.... and looking add 2 fans and add stock under the drivers seat... heard it helps your ass not burn off.... so your running 1 civic batt or 2 ? Do you have a part number and a part number on your fans? For a temp gauge add it in the rad or at the engine thanks

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