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  1. i will try that today and post the results thank you
  2. i have a 2007 3010 mule 950 diesel 4x4 it will drive but feels like something is binding then it feels like it brakes loose then will do it over again. at fist i thought it was a belt going bad replaced it and it still is the same. could it be the front differential, transmission or rear differential and how do i find out which one it is
  3. although i would buy the new one as rebuild does not always work well, have you tried taking the slave cylinder to car quest and see if they have a kit that will fit. i have done this with the alternator and other parts that they did have them for other vehicles [ same part] at alot cheaper prices. i have also found parts on ebay and amazon at much cheaper prices.
  4. i would say the brake slave cylinder located behind the wheel hub part # 43092
  5. hello i am new here i live in montana in the rocky mountains. i am 5 minutes from 1100 miles of forest service trails. needless to say i ride all the time. i own a 2007 kawasaki 3010 mule diesel. i would like to put on taller tires for ground clearance. i currently am running 24x11.00- 10 i would like to go to 26in to 28in . i do not really want to lift it. so 26 or 27 in tire might fit. my question is where do i get the tires. do i need bigger diameter rims if so where do i get them and the tires. i love this SxS it has more power than i will ever use it just is not fast. which is great with

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