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  1. Hey thanks Lenny, that was it. I appreciate you taking the time to post this for me. you da man! Randy
  2. please help somebody. if anybody could take a picture of their fuse box under the dash of how the fuses line up or what amp fuse belong where i would greatly appreciate it. i finally got smart and pulled all my fuses out, cleaned the terminals and applied dielectric grease. but got real stupid and forgot how they go in..or what goes where...please help. it's a 2009 trooper t2. thank you, randy
  3. Kinarfi, One other thing....the seal for the fuel sending unit has fallen apart and some of the pieces have fallen into the gas tank. Have you replaced this seal before or know what can be used to replace it? Thanks, Randy
  4. Yeah the epoxy used is very low quality...the epoxy has deteriorated and come loose and the maginet was getting stuck in there. even the switches are junk...they all stay closed....i tryed running the maginet up and down manually and they didn't open or close. took the ohm meter to them and got a 0 read. i would gladly send you the fuel sender Kinarfi if you can work some magic and get this thing working again...hopefully it's not too expensive for your services, but then again i have no problem paying good money if you can turn this unit into a quality sender. =) Thanks, Randy
  5. Hi all, Has anyone replaced there fuel sender yet? My fuel gauge was reading full all the time even when i was out of gas. I replaced the gauge and still had the same problem so i checked the fuel sender and sure enough the unit was broken. I need to replace it and didn't want to get another stock unit if there is a better set up out there. Any input would be appreciated... Thanks, Randy
  6. Great looking ride Snowman....when you wired in your piaa's up front....did you bypass the on/off switch that comes with them? I'm in the middle of converting my stock headlamps with the piaa's and I'm not too savy at hooking up electrical equipment. I thought I could just wire these piaa lights directly to the leads coming off of the old headlamps switch. Any information to steer me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks, Randy
  7. Oh...ok. Yeah mine runs pretty hot regardless....lol. So 15w50....got it. Thanks Lenny.
  8. Hey Lenny, I'm not sure if Mobile 1 has a 10w40. The only 10w40 I could find for Mobile 1 is for high mileage vehicles.....I even browsed Mobile 1 website and no 10w40. Did they discontinue 10w40?? Randy
  9. Last dumb question...I swear. How many quarts do I need?
  10. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help. Looks like I'll be using Mobil 1.... Oh...almost forgot. Synthetic right?
  11. Hey guys, newbie here. I live in Southern California and have a '08 T2 Trooper. Looking for some opinions on what motor oil is best to use in this beast. I've heard Royal Purple is what comes stock from factory and that It's a good idea to stick with the same brand. Is this true and what's a good weight to use? Thanks, Randy
  12. Hi all, I've had this same exact problem with my '08 trooper. I would turn the key to let the system prime (fan and gauges reset) then crank it. The starter seemed to be working strong but would not start unless I gave it some gas. After the engine started it would bog out a little then idle fine. I noticed my WATER TEMPURATURE GAUGE was acting up...sometimes it would come on and other times it would be off. I called Joyner and they suggested replacing my WATER TEMPURATURE SENSOR. So I bought it for $20, replaced it, and no more problems. My Trooper had a little trouble starting the first few
  13. Hello all, I have a '08 Trooper T2 and am interested in making the necessary changes to keep my vehicle running for as long as it can. How do I tell if my diff. needs this upgrade? I've already changed both of the seals where the CV inserts into the diff. They were leaking due to the diff. mounting bolt coming loose...and unaware I drove around like this for awhile. When I changed the seals I propped the rear end of the trooper up on some jacks and gave it some gas so the bolt would spin in the diff. After examining the new seals while my friend hit the gas I could see the rod spinning oblo
  14. I believe it's considered a gun rack but adds a great look to your trooper and is multifunctional. Rack is practically brand new. Only had it on my trooper for a couple of months and had to remove it because I had a custom, stronger, and lower cage built for my trooper. I believe this roof rack retails for 200+ but I only want $50 for it. I can ship anywhere in the U.S.A. Freight will range from $70-120 depending how far you are from California. I accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Cashiers Checks. Pics are attached....

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