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  1. 3F8CCE25-C64D-456E-AF72-E581A29267C1.thumb.jpeg.0ec17d8c5e51660c9225bbbb751a5f98.jpegeHello all utv s by s owners! Preferably Seeking  HISUN owners to help me keep my favorite utv running tip-top! 

    1. Alex


      Nice bass!

  2. Utv51


  3. Hey Travis! I’m new to site. Can u help me find a 6 pin connector plug that burned out? My voltage regulator have same 6 pin design but can’t find plug to match up with.  I’m replacing voltage regulator as well but had no problem finding it online though. The plug is the issue....

    1. Utv51


      This is what I’m looking for (the plug with wiring attached.) but trying to find Hisun or universal plug maybe....see voltage regulator that plug will connect to. 





  4. Hello hisun owners! I love my utv. but as well other utv types mine needs some help from time to time. the voltage regulator fried a pin hole on the plug it goes into. There are 6 pins on voltage regular so I am trying to find the plug that it connects to. No luck online. Called Coleman company and waiting for help to replace plug. Anyone have a clue where I can buy a new plug? I use my utv for several projects and need this fixed fast! Thank you for any helpful replies.

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