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  2. @Travis This goes on a Hisun YS400 2012 the carb # is actually the PD36J-C but that -C part makes it much more money so if I can find just the PD36J I’m sure it will work.
  3. Does anyone know if I can get a rebuild kit for a PD36J or PD36J-C carburetor and if so please post a part number? Thanks
  4. This takes a PD36J-C carb im just curious did you find that exact part number or just order the common PD36J?
  5. Im also having an issue with my hisun ys 400 hesitating upon accelerating once warm, when its cold it runs smooth with tons of power, Im considering replacing the carb. but I havent checked into the ignition system i guess. I have cleaned the carb in an ultrasonic parts cleaner. Does anyone have a procedure for testing the coil?
  6. I have a leak on my 2012 hisun ys400 in the same place on 36500-003-0000 I was wondering if this can be removed and re-sealed?

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