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  1. Mdeeps


  2. Do you know what the new top speed is with just the tuner is?
  3. So I ordered the tuned and unlocked ecm today from the motorcycle doctor on eBay (great guy) and a 36 tooth sprocket from lance at sprocket specialists. (Also a great guy) I will let y’all know how it goes in the coming weeks
  4. Has anybody done the sprocket change and or the ecu flash and can verify what mph you saw from the 38 or 36 tooth rear sprocket?
  5. Hey Matt, I’m sorry to hear hisun treated you that way. We spoke a few months back about the tune and some other parts. I know you are not doing the website any anymore but wondering if you maybe still had the ability to perform the tune and or if you had any parts laying around the shop such as a lift kit or sprocket? This thing is a pig with that 30mph rev limiter. Thank you

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