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  1. Just curious where do these codes show up? You got a code reader for it? I need one
  2. Probably mouse nest in air filter. Run some seafoam in the gas tank and change the spark plug. Efi engine should run fine in the cold
  3. Bluegill


  4. Nate sir. I relaced the coil with a new one so I know it not that. I have checked for spark that way for many years. It may not be the best but it does work. I also replaced the ecu with a new one so i know the problem lies elsewhere. Just trying to figure hete to start next.
  5. Why not go with Massimo? Sold by tractor supply. Has everything you are asking for plus efi.
  6. By grounding sparkplug (new) to side of engine and turning it over.
  7. This is an efi engine. Has a 2 wire plug that connects to the coil.
  8. Kill wire? I replaced the coil with a new one.
  9. Hi. I replaced my coil and the ecu on my 2013 Massimo msu 500 and still have no spark. It has been a great machine so far but now I am at a total loss.

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