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  2. Thus far, we have only received the $500 parts. The dealer "claimed" that Kawasaki would provide the other incentive.
  3. 2019 Pro-FXT EPS, bought Dec 21, delivered today.
  4. They got ours delivered today (instead of tomorrow).
  5. I believe the issue Kawasaki was initially having was they cannot post a Recall until approved by the Feds. Through December and January, the Feds were very slow to respond to the paperwork. Once they got it approved, the second approval was very quick. Now just to wait on the parts
  6. My dealer confirmed the parts are ordered, but as of yet does not have a shipping date on them.
  7. The Kawasaki sales rep still states that Kawasaki is just waiting on the Feds to approve their recall, but the one we purchased in December is still sitting at the dealership unable to be released. Supposedly Kawasaki is going to provide a cash rebate to the customer for ones that were purchased but unable to be delivered to the customer. That does nothing for the warranty months expiring since purchased though without possession, or interest or payments made for them sitting at the dealership.
  8. I called Kawasaki customer service on Friday after posting above. The new recall (not posted on the Kawasaki site yet and not the ones listed above by Travis). CS stated that they are waiting on the Feds to approve their recall and then they will get it posted and rolled out. With Christmas and New Years, the feds have been slow to respond. It involves the breather tube and accumulation of dirt, debris, and water on the skid plate. They say they have the fix ready to roll out as soon as approved by the feds.
  9. I'm also trying to find any info on the latest recall. Its not listed on the Kawasaki site. My parents purchased a 2019 Pro-FXT EPS on Dec 20, but it cannot be provided to them until the recall is complete. Kawasaki has not provided the fix details to the dealer yet.

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