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  1. I don’t know about you all but I think I would take my chances with the steering problem if they’d let me sign a waiver of some kind. I know a machinist that could turn out a few pieces a day if he had a good set of prints.
  2. I don’t think I’ll be putting that in my calendar. Everything has been “in the next couple of weeks” since this mess started. I told my wife I’d be happy to have it by Thanksgiving and I was half joking but that could become the reality of things.
  3. West 5757

    West 5757

  4. You’re part from Kentucky probably came off my machine....my dealer is closed during this Covid shutdown.....service department and all!! I’ve resorted to working on fences for the past 8 weeks. Got a nice new trailer tucked away in the barn ready to pull a Mule home too!
  5. What states are y’all in? The dealers close to me are all closed.
  6. Daniel, I don’t have quite that much in mine yet but I’ve held off getting one for about 10 years and now I’m waiting more...it’s hard on me too.
  7. It appeared that my dealer was closed also. We’ll all be up and running by Easter...that’s not so far away.
  8. I’m not sure if mine will open or not. They are closed on Mondays under normal hours. I’m not sure how they would be considered essential but maybe the service department will.
  9. Got a call from Kawasaki Customer Service this evening...she told me that: 1) both the corrections had been approved (already knew that from this forum) 2) they have parts sourced for the engine fire problem (knew that also) 3) they would know more about the parts for the steering column hopefully by the end of the month (contradicts what other members on here are being told). I guess we should rejoice in the small victories but it appears that my local dealership will be closed for a while due to the Coronavirus...unless they start selling the essentials - groceries, drugs or alcohol.
  10. I went to visit a man and his wife today on their farm and they had a Kubota side by side there. There was some coveting going on at that place!! I convinced myself that if they made a gas version, I’d buy it.
  11. Heard from my dealer today... he said that he was told parts could start shipping as early as next week... that is if the corona doesn’t stop sale the U.S.
  12. Now I’m getting excited!!! I wonder if my dealer knows anything about this?
  13. That is outstanding news!! Now to get it out to the dealers.... I know a good machine shop...maybe they can send me a drawing and I can get some made for us.
  14. I was telling my wife a few days ago how ridiculous it is that I’m scouring the internet to find out details about why I can’t get this almost $16,000 machine that I’ve bought. There is SO little information that the people that have read this discussion board know more than most dealers. And what we’re left with from customer service is an arbitrary date that nobody understands. I’ve read posts on this topic that were a little abrasive in my opinion and thought, ‘I don’t believe I would’ve put that on a discussion board’, but the more I think about it, the more I understand. This isn’t a pair of boots I’m waiting on, this is a machine that’s more expensive than the car I drive to work everyday...there should be some kind of information relayed to the people who are waiting these things. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn in my decision to own a Mule - I would buy something else and campaign for others to do so also.

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