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  1. Hi, Yeah im still trying to figure out the problem. If you look in the last 3 pics i posted i did figure out that the connector just hanging there is a diagnostic plug. In the very last pick there is a pic of what i figured out was the oil pressure sensor. I cannot figure out where the harness connector is for it though. Can you maybe send me a pic of it? Also i have been going in circles trying to figure out why im not getting any spark, so far i have replaced both coils, the crank position sensor and the computer. Ive checked continuity on the position sensor, the coil is getting
  2. I got some pics for you to take a look at. The pics are taken from the front driver side. It took the pics from far to close, if you look close there is a with pigtail coming off the ECU harness on the right and if you look at the engine you will see a black sensor with nothing plugged in, i cannot find a plug for either of the two. Any help would be awesome!!! Thanks Man.
  3. It has two coil packs, one for each cylinder and a crank position sensor. I have already replaced the crank position sensor and double checked the ohm readings. I have also checked the Coil packs and they both have identical resistance readings. I cannot find a value for the coil packs but since they both read identically I'm leaning tword them being ok. I also have 12v to the wires connecting to them.
  4. Thanks man, i'll post some pics later today of the Mistry plug I have. Im hoping that's the reason im getting no spark.
  5. Are you still trying to figure out the wiring? I have a 800 as well and am trying to trouble shoot a no spark problem. Let me know, the harness on my car is all connected except one mistrey plug. Maybe we can shoot some pics back and forth and help each other out.
  6. HI All, I have an 800cc Hisun fuel injected twin cylinder. Im trying to diagnose a no spark issue. I had a bad crank sensor, replaced that and still got no spark and yes i doubled check the new one to make sure it was good. Checked the both coil packs and they are both receiving power, also checked the resistance and both seem to be good. It seems to me like the ECU is not sending the signal to the Coil packs. Anyone have any idea how to test the ECU? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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