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  1. N yes. I have attempted to email Hisun. And post a review. However Their website has changed and my review and emails are no longer they’re on their website how convenient.
  2. Ya I was thinking either the CPU or a crank sensor of some sort. I am fairly familiar with the Delphi fuel system. It’s really quite a simple set up. Guess we will find out b
  3. Do Not buy Hisun!!!!! Had mine less thenb3 months. Under 500 miles. Worked on it more than I’ve drove it. Taking in to the dealer tomorrow. Not impressed.
  4. Well I have tried everything I can. Called the dealer I bought in from just a few months ago and less then 500 miles. That are a month out and I cannot take it there till the appointment. I explained to ruthenium all the issues I have had already and there suggestion was to take to a different Hisun dealer!!!! Wow!!! So guess that’s what I will be doing. They too are a few weeks out but are happy to look at it. Apparently they get a lot from other places that don’t want to deal with these machine. Wish I would of done a little more research on this brand of side by side now.
  5. So had nuthing but trouble w this machine since I got it. New fuel pump new fuel injector. Now no spark and seem like sometimes no injector pulse? 2019 Hisun Sector 550. Any ideas?? Wiring diagrams seem to be impossible to find.
  6. Mick

    New Here

    Hey all, been member only a few days and I gotta say the feed back n help I’ve been having w my UTV have been outstanding!!!!! Thanks to everyone. As for me I been a certified auto mechanic, lead tech and manager of a shop for bout 12 years. ( Certified and wrenching for bout 25) now I know UTV’s are not cars the electric fuel injection systems n general mechanics are very similar. So I may have some knowledge to offer here as well. Had lots of dirt bikes quads and street bikes for along time n always did my own repairs for the most part. So if I can help anyone in any way please let me know!!!!
  7. Oh well that might not be so bad. Gonna call the dealer later n see what they have to say. Like I said only had it a few months n under 500 miles. Feel I already put enough money into it
  8. Well for that price hopefully the dealer has one. But thanks man.
  9. Travis, when is it that I should be counting the clock blinks?
  10. Thanks guys. It’s B late here but will look more into it tomorrow. Again thanks everyone.
  11. Ok, do u know how to get the clock to blink to read the sequence? I am very familiar and experienced w these types of fuel injection system. Also where is the diagnostic connector at?
  12. So like a lot of other Hisun owners I am having fuel injector problems, put a new one in and now a few weeks later I have no injector pulse. Does anyone know where I can find some wiring diagrams?? Its a 2019 Hisun Sector 550. Thanks for any help!
  13. Well looked into it. Have no injector pulse now. Haven't been able to find much for wiring diagrams to look into it yet. Trying to avoid taking back to the dealer knowing that they will have it for a while. Plus little faith in them since last time I had the problem with it I was talking with the lead mechanic there and he didn't even know what the fuel pressure was supposed to be or even all the injector problems that these machines have. Sure I will end up having to take it there though.
  14. Ya when it runs u r right, rides steers n everything great, but I think they have serious fuel issues. One thing I noticed last time I put gas in it is there was mud in the threads of the gas cap????? If mud got there where did the water go??? Gonna mess w it here in a few. I will keep ya all posted.

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