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Hisun wheel bearings and seals

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Anybody have any leads on front wheel bearings and seals for a 2019 hisun  sector 550?  My local dealer can get the whole knuckle assembly but that does not come with a bearing seals?

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I've found this site really useful for part numbers etc. https://alpha-sports.com/hisun_parts.htm?q=hisun-parts-catalog

Look up Front Axle for an exploded diagram of the front knuckle. The wheel bearing and seal dimensions are listed, so you can order generic ones from pretty much any bearing supplier. The only thing I've found hard to track down are bearing seals with the extra sleeve on the outside that covers the end of the driveshaft. There's probably a technical name for them, which is why I can't find them! I replaced the rear bearings on my E1 a while back with just standard seals and it's fine.

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I've not ordered anything from them, as I'm in the UK and the delivery charges are not insignificant! I found them most useful for identifying the particular bearings and seals, which are fairly industry-standard. That said, I have a Vector E1 (as the electric version is called over here), and I was told it was the same as the US-Spec Sector E1. Taking the front knuckle apart to replace the wheel bearing(s), I discovered it's actually an HS500.

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