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  2. After not riding for awhile kept having problems with it barely running checked fuel pressure and seen it was only about 20 psi changed filter and pump still the same ended up disconnecting power and ground from pump running my own ground and power from battery and dash mounted switch haven't had a problem since and since I'm running a turbo had to disconnect post o2 sensor
  3. Ok thanks didn't know they made a kit kinda figured the only way was to remove bushing but it was gonna be a pain I wrapped the top and bottom of shaft in wet rags as well as input shaft and welded gusset in everything seems fine time will tell ... thanks again
  4. Ok I'm finally getting around to beefing up fork but can't seem to get it out of trans case any ideas thanks
  5. when it starts doin its thing unplug both of them i left mine unplugged and never had another issue
  6. try unplugging ur O2 sensors for some reason it seemed to clear mine up when it was doin the intermit power loss
  7. UPDATE after almost two years of picking this thing apart i found out what was causing my intermitant power loss or limp home mode the factory had my O2 Sensors hooked up backwards so finally it runs as it should thanks for all the help
  8. still having this issue does anyone know what the values are supposed to be for the speed sensor thanks
  9. I did the same thing in a post earlier this year and everything lined back up just fine
  10. ok thanks alot i talked to snowman yesterday and he explained how to put the fan on its own circuit ill be finishing that up today ill let you guys know how it turns out thanks again for everyones help
  11. yeah looks like they jump the power from the fan to the fuel pump
  12. ok i checked the fuel pump current with the fan fuse in it was 13.20vdc and with the fuse out it was 13.75 vdc so whats this mean
  13. they are on theyre own circuit arent they there is separet fuses for each idk im just confused lol
  14. well i check the harness from the fan to the fuse box no shorts any where the fan plug was wet so i dried it out wired everything back up and my fuel pressure would not go above 20 psi again untill i pulled the fan fuse the pressure jumped right up to 50 psi put the fuse back in and that white wire and fan fuse still keeps getting hot i dont understand how the fuel pump and the fan are connected
  15. any ideas on y the fan fuse would have caused the fuel pump to drop in pressure or do you think it was two separate problems ..... i guess im going to start by checkin all the wires from the fan and check all my grounds do you know how many grounds there are and where they are

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