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2021 HiSUN Sector E1 wont move


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Bought a 2021 HiSUN Sector E1 earlier this year.  Was without it for about 2 months in spring due to a issue with break not fully releasing and then  About 2 months ago it worked fine and then the next morning it would not move in either direction.  Was fully charged and showed a 4884 error.  This error is not listed in users manual.  Called dealer we purchased it from who tried for two weeks to help us remotely by calling HiSUN and having us try their suggestions none of them worked.  They’ve now had it for 6 weeks and still have no idea of what is wrong.  All panels light up, shows fully charged but will not move in any direction.  Lights will turn on, turn signals will work, will beep if its put in reverse but will not move.  They said they have checked all electrical connections and batteries.  Anyone else ever come across something like this? Really need this thing back for fall seed spreading. 

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Can't find my manual (UK spec) but is 4884 not the parking brake? I had problems with the sensor on mine - brake could be fully off and vehicle would roll down a hill, but no motive power from the engine until a sharp kick to the brake pedal popped the parking brake enough to click the sensor switch, which is up in the mechanism at that end, rather than at the brake at the front of the motor/transmission. Sometimes hooking a foot under the park brake lever and pulling it up worked too. Now the whole thing's so gummed up I never bother putting it on - it's a rubbish bit of design.

Sorry if that's an unhelpful suggestion. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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4884 is a sequence fault. I e the fwd / reverse is selected. The brake could possibly be in that sequence as well but its unlikely. The fault could simply be a faulty fwd/ rev switch. The code is a Sevcon fault code (ie its not a hisun but generated by the Sevcon motor controller) The its cause is listed as "Any drive switch active at Power up"  solution is "Deselect all drive switches"

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