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Coleman 550 starter won't turn over


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550 started and quickly died (infrequent occurrance) In my haste to restart, I believe I stepped on accelerator while turning key. Now starter does not engage. Did I set off some sensor? Unit has 2 relays in fuse box related to starting but I have no way of testing. Thanks for your review

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The brake switch is above the pedal. When you depress the brake are you getting brake lights? If so it's fine.

When you jump the solenoid it will bypass the safeties,  it needs to be in neutral to start.

You never mentioned if you are getting the "N" neutral light on the dash before trying to start.


Here is the page from the service manual, Since we know it starts when jumped I skipped the page checking the wiring.

Basically check the brake light switch, neutral swich, and testing procedures for the solenoid (item 4 above).

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