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CF Moto ATV any good?

Joe Breaux

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I had only had Hondas all my life and still an a diehard fan. They are the best made and still have a 95 fourtrax 300 that runs like the day we bought it. That being said after my pioneer,  I bought a cfmoto and have had zero issues. It's fast, fun and reliable. For the price and everything that comes on it, it's hard to beat. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

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Weii I can say it's a pretty good machine so far..I like the Power Steering  auto trans.  Lots of power but it does seem to run higher rpmsthan my others and definitely burns more fuel so far. May improve after break in.  I AM NOT USED TO THE EBS.  (Engine braking system).nice for wife and grandkids tho.

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got over 100 miles on it.. runs better every time .. Thing has big balls .. I ride with several friends. One has an Arctic Cat 650 V-twin.. ... He smokes my SXS   every trip, but I got the last laugh when we matched up with my CForce 600.. on flat ground .. This thing is very fast out of the hole with the CVT transmission. .. It does burn more fuel than my others.. maybe 15 mpg.. 

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